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Top Toys for 2016-17-18 Holidays Christmas Music and Christmas Caroling

Top Toys for 2016-17-18 Holidays

Christmas Music and Christmas Caroling

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Kids

17 December 2014

Are you a parent?  If so, there is a good chance that you already know just how much kids love the holidays.  That is why you may want to think about letting your children help you decorate for Christmas.  In fact, in addition to just letting them help you hang Christmas decorations, you may also […]

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Twilight

16 December 2014

Children, both young and old, have enjoyed the Star Wars films for nearly three decades. The franchise continues to grow in popularity with the recent releases of movies based on the original Star Wars. The most recent of these adaptations is Star Wars: The Clone Wars, released earlier this year as an animated movie. If […]

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Christmas Dinner Ideas

15 December 2014

When the stockings have been filled then emptied and after Santa has made his appointed rounds families around the globe begin the preparations (or in some instances continue them) to prepare the family feast that is most often associated with Christmas Dinner. There are many traditions around the world though sadly far too few families […]

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How to Find a Stunning Christmas Tree Decoration Idea

14 December 2014

Everyone is trying to find a great Christmas tree decoration idea! Homespun Christmas trees are moving to the side, it seems, for intricate themed trees with tree limbs full of carefully planned out decorations. Here are some great Christmas tree decoration ideas for your next holiday! Decorate With Angels A popular Christmas tree decoration idea […]

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Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

10 December 2014

A fun family project during the holidays is to make your own Christmas tree ornaments. Here are some easy crafts that will soon have you making your very own ornaments. Pinecone Ornaments Supplies: Pine Cone Paint Beads, glitter or sequins, yarn and small buttons to decorate with Ribbon Glue Simple Instructions: Cut a 6″ length […]

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The Tradition Of The Christmas Tree: Decorated Trees In Your Home

09 December 2014

Evergreens were used to decorate homes during winter long before Christmas became a holiday. Evergreens were believed to keep witches, ghosts, evil spirits and illnesses away from homes where they were displayed. Germany is credited with the traditional Christmas Tree celebration of decorating trees and bringing them into their homes. It is believed that Martin […]

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