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How to Find a Stunning Christmas Tree Decoration Idea

red ribbon on the christmas treeEveryone is trying to find a great Christmas tree decoration idea! Homespun Christmas trees are moving to the side, it seems, for intricate themed trees with tree limbs full of carefully planned out decorations. Here are some great Christmas tree decoration ideas for your next holiday!

Decorate With Angels

A popular Christmas tree decoration idea is to decorate the tree with a realm of angels. The main theme of the angel tree is cherubs… kind of like that small angel at Valentine’s Day! You will decorate the angel tree with only angels. You can choose angels of any shape, size, or texture. What pulls the angel tree together is that everything on your tree is an angel. You may want to add some strands of white sparkling lights for an added touch of “the ethereal heavens.” Be sure to get angels of many assorted types. You might include homemade angels or angels that your kids made at school or church, as well.

A Color-Themed Tree

Another spectacular Christmas tree decoration idea is to create your tree around an array of coordinating colors. For instance, your Christmas tree decoration theme might be to decorate your tree in USA patriotism, in red, white, and blue colors. If this is your theme, you will purchase or MAKE decorations, Christmas tree balls, lights, and garland that are all red, white, and blue. Other popular color theme ideas are a gold tree, blue tree, white tree, and even pink. Today you can even buy artificial trees that are in any chosen color that will blend into your idea. And the tree will blend into YOUR home, as a very special rendition of our Christmas holidays.

Other Themed Ideas

If your Christmas tree decoration idea does not involve angels or a certain color, there are many other kinds of the Christmas tree decoration idea out there. You may wish to decorate your tree to represent your career. If you are a teacher, you might want Christmas tree decorations that are apples, chalkboards, and other teaching-related items. If you are a “gardener extraordinaire,” you can hang tiny flowers and fruits and vegetables on the tree and decorate it with real garden tools!

The success to “building” a truly beautiful Christmas tree decoration idea is to think outside the traditional Christmas decoration boxes. For instance, if you want to decorate a tree to honor the fisherman in your life, you can decorate it with real pieces of tackle. Carefully choose colorful tackle and hang it from the tree with safe ornament hangers, not fishing hooks. You can also purchase decorations that depict tiny fishermen to add to the overall look.

In this same vein, if there is an artist in your family, your unique tree could sport actual art tools such as paint brushes, tiny jars of ink (which will collect and throw the lights!), decorative craft items such as colored hemp twine or colored yarns, and small toys found in craft stores… tiny palettes, artist easels, and small figurines that you will decorate and “clothe” to look like art gallery participants or famous artists!

The Christmas tree decoration idea list is truly endless. Use your imagination, and create a Christmas tree that you will be proud of! The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating the best Christmas tree ever! It will become a favorite family tradition, with the story telling of “how the tree came to be” as a central part of putting together your holiday.

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